Current / Potential Construction Projects

Washington & Main Street Intersection Improvement Study

The Village is currently conducting a Phase I Engineering study in order to compile data and alternatives for the potential improvements to the intersection.

View the video presentation presented by the Village's Engineering Consultant detailing alternate solutions for the intersection. You can also view the Exhibit (PDF) displayed during the presentation (this is a large file and make take some time to open up).

Any questions or comments regarding the study can be emailed to the project managers.

Longmeadow Parkway Project

View a map of the overall project limits from the western end at its connection to Huntley Road, to the eastern end at its connection to Illinois Route 62. Gain access to the Kane County Division of Transportation for more information on the project.

Present & Proposed Bike Path Concept Plan

Illinois Route 31 & Huntley Road/Main Street Improvement Project

Visit the dedicated website for updates and status of this construction project.

Huntley Road Improvement Project

Visit the Village of West Dundee's website for updates and status of this construction project, as they are the lead agency of this project.