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Halloween Decorating Contest

Jack-O-LanternContest Guidelines


To stimulate and enhance a sense of community by rewarding residents that go above-and-beyond in decorating their home for the Halloween.  Award guidelines will be established by the Parks Commission for the Village of Carpentersville.  Awards will be procured with funds received from “video gaming.” 


First, second, and third place awards will be determined by a group of contest judges established by the Parks Commission.  Residents who wish to participate in the contest must submit a brief application online.  The link for the online application is provided below.  The contest judges will establish deadlines for submittal, review, and disbursement of awards.  Award descriptions are illustrated below.


There are two contest classes that residents may elect to compete in they are: 

  • The Scariest Class: Will raise your heart rate and the hair on your arms
  • Kid Friendly: Kids aren’t frightened to approach the house for a treat


Elected members of the Village Board of Trustees, any elected or appointed Village commission member, and any Village employee may not participate in the contest.  Only decorations visible from the roadway will be subject to grading.


October 3rd , 2016 – Official contest kickoff.  Contest will be published on the Village website, social media, and newsletters.

October 17th , 2016  – Contest submission deadline.  Fill out the online contest application by this date.

October 18-25th 2016 – Contest judges will tour the community and rate applicants.

November 1st 2016 – Awards will be presented at the Board of Trustees meeting at 7:00pm in the Village Hall board room.


Gift Cards from local businesses will be awarded to the winners, as follows:

  • First Place prize in the Scariest and Kid Friendly classes
    • $300 gift card from Menards or Home Depot
  • Runners-up in the Scariest and Kid Friendly classes
    • $50 gift card from Cinema 12 and $50 gift card from Beroni's Pizza
  • Third Place prize in the Scariest and Kid Friendly classes
    • $50 gift card from Cinema 12 and $50 gift card from Beroni's Pizza
  • Honorable Mention
    • $50 gift card from Wal-Mart

Applicant Grading Criteria

Total of 20 possible points based on the criteria below:

THEME: Is there a storyline of the display (5 Possible Points)
ORIGINALITY: The creativity or “uniqueness” of an applicant’s decorations.  Does something make the home stand apart from other applicants or residents that decorated their home?  (5 Possible Points)
ARRANGEMENTS: Are decorations neatly displayed.  Was thought given to their placement? (5 Possible Points)
OVERALL: WOW-FACTOR, will passerby's stop and take it all in?  Will they tell their friends? Will they remember to check the display out in future years? (5 Possible Points)


*Registration closed at midnight on October 17th, 2016

2016 Decorating Contest Winners

Scariest Class

Place Address
1st 3704 Pinecrest Drive
2nd 127 Mora Road
3rd 1623 Sacramento Drive
Honorary 228 N. Wisconsin Street

Kid Friendly Class

Place Address
1st 5711 Breezeland Road
2nd 1630 Marlboro Circle
3rd 150 Tay River Road


For questions about the program or help with the application process, please contact Bob Cole, Director of Public Works at  or (224) 293-1600.


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