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Village President

Ed Ritter, Village PresidentAs your Village President, I have a number of duties, both formal and informal. My chief duty is to preside over and provide direction to the village board. I also serve as the Village Liquor Commissioner and as a member of other village commissions. My signature is required on many state and federal documents and on many village documents including paychecks, ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations.

As a liaison to other governmental units, I represent the village at many local, regional, and state meetings where I portray Carpentersville in its best light and seek to gain resources for the village. I also meet regularly with our county, state, and federal representatives to find out what new legislation may be coming up and informing the representatives about how such legislation might affect our village. I also look for ways to work cooperatively with our representatives to find additional funds for our needs.

As a good will ambassador, I attend many functions throughout the village such as fund raisers, senior citizen meetings, DARE graduations, school award programs, ribbon cuttings, and other gatherings.

I think that Carpentersville has made great strides over the last few years and has become a great place to live, work, or start a new business. My favorite saying is "Don't blink or you will miss something good happening in Carpentersville."

Contact Information:
Ed Ritter, Village President
Phone: 224-293-1654


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