Permit applications can be found on our Forms / Permits page

Building personnel are responsible for reviewing building plans and issuing permits. If you’re putting in a new water heater or shed, or constructing a residential, commercial or industrial building, the work requires some type of permit or approval. Permits for all construction activity are issued by the Community Development Department following approval of specific building plans. View the specific work that does or does not require a permit (PDF).

How to Submit Applications for Permits and Rental Licenses

The full list of permits and applications can be found in our Reference Desk section. Click the link to view the online permits and applications. Traditionally residents and contractors have visited Room 206 of the Village Hall to submit applications in person, but we highly recommend the following options:

Mail:  Completed application forms and all required documents from the checklists can be sent to the Village via US Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.  Packages should be sent to:

Village of Carpentersville

Attn: Community Development

1200 LW Besinger Drive, Room 206

Carpentersville, IL 60110

Village Hall Drop Box:  If the applications and all documents will fit in a letter-sized envelope, you may place them into the silver metal drop box located at the Village Hall.  The drive-up drop box is located in the parking lot near the southwest corner of the building.  Please make sure the outside of your envelope reads, “Community Development, Room 206.”

                                                                                               Drop Box at Village Hall

Online / Electronic:  For the limited list of residential permit types below, you can submit an application by sending an e-mail to Make sure to type your property address (the address where the work will take place) into the subject line of the e-mail.  Attach the completed application form, along with all required documents from the checklists in the permit guide (available at ).  

Following is the list of permit types that can be submitted via e-mail:

  • Air Conditioning Installation/Replacement
  • Fence Permit
  • Furnace Installation/Replacement
  • Siding Permit
  • Roof Permit
  • Solar Panel Permit
  • Water Heater Replacement

TIPS:  For all three options above, make sure that the application is filled out COMPLETELY.  Do not leave any fields on the form blank.  For example, if the form requires information about a contractor but you are doing the work yourself, please list your information as the contractor.  If the form has a checklist, please check the appropriate box on each row and make sure to enclose or attach all pertinent items from the checklist.  Make sure that you provide us with an e-mail address and a phone number, and we will contact you if you are missing something.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 847-551-3478.  We check messages frequently, so please leave a detailed voicemail message if we don’t answer right away.