Police Officer

    Carpentersville Police Department


Contact Information


Carpentersville Police Department

Carpentersville, IL 60110    


Position Information

Application Deadline:

  • 02/26/21


  • Starting: $67,993

    6 Years: $93,262

    Fringe Benefits:

    • Overtime Compensation: 1½ times the hourly rate after 40 hours worked in a workweek.  Officers may elect to take time off in lieu of pay. 
    • Holiday Pay: Officers receive 8 hours additional pay at the regular rate for eight paid holidays.  Officers receive an additional pay of time and a half for holidays actually worked.
    • Birthday Leave: Employee receives birthday off with pay.
    • Sick Leave: 1 day per month.  Can accumulate up to 240 days.
    • Emergency Leave: 5 days off with pay for death in officer’s immediate family or 3 days off with pay for death in extended family.
    • Attendance Incentive: $250 per six month period for perfect attendance during the fiscal year.
    • Personal Days: 3 personal days per year.
    • Vacation Leave:
    • Years of Service         Leave Earned
      • 1 to 4                   2 weeks
      • 5 to 9                   3 weeks
      • 10 to 19               4 weeks
      • 20+                      5 weeks 
    • Longevity Pay: $50 per year of service by December 1 to a maximum of 20 years.

Sworn Officers:

  • 59


  • 38,291


Position Details

Carpentersville is the 3rd largest municipality in Kane County. The current estimated population is 38,291. The Carpentersville Police Department currently employs 59 sworn officers. Positions within the Carpentersville Police Department include; patrol, detective, gang and drug unit, Canine Officer, School Resource Officers, Evidence Technician.


  • General:
    • Must be at least 21 years old at time of employment testing, or 20 years of age with 2 years of law enforcement studies at a college or university.
    • U.S. citizen or permanent resident with intent to become a US Citizen. 
    • No prior felony convictions or disqualifying criminal history.
    • Must be able to read and write the English language.
    • Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.
    • Must have, or be able to obtain, a valid Illinois Driver’s License.
  • Education and Experience:
    • High School diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.
    • Satisfactory completion of basic police certification as required by the state within the first six months of employment.
    • Satisfactory completion of field training program within the first nine months of employment.


Must reside within 35 miles of the village limits within 1 year of hire. 


   Police officers enforce laws and ordinances, protect lives and property, and maintain peace and order within the Village.  Officers provide services necessary to further the department’s mission and objectives, facilitate positive community relations, and take appropriate police actions, within the limits of legal authority, whenever and wherever required.  They exercise far-reaching discretion in responding to emergency situations, in performing proactive community problem solving activities, in directing the actions of other officers on calls where a supervisor is not immediately present or required, and in other situations requiring coordination of police actions.  Police officers train new recruits, maintain professional decorum, and display a professional attitude in all dealings with citizens, superiors, and other department personnel.  Officers understand, enforce, and comply with laws, orders, directives, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of all branches of government.

Note: The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by positions in this job classification.  Not all duties assigned to every position are included, nor is it expected that all positions will be assigned every duty. 

Carpentersville Police Eligibility List - Test Schedule: 

Applications Available at:


Applications Due:

February 26, 2021 

Written Test:

March 13, 2021 

Carpentersville Public Works

1075 Tamarac Drive

 Carpentersville, IL 60110

Interviews with Carpentersville Fire & Police Commission:

March 23, 24 &25, 2021

Preliminary Eligibility List Posted:

April 2, 2021

Final Eligibility Listed Posted:

April 16, 2021 

SLEA Class BA 22-01:

  • Power Test: June 8, 2021
  • Class Start: June 21, 2021