Monarch Butterfly Pilot Program

In an effort to preserve and promote the Monarch Butterfly population, the Village of Carpentersville has launched a Monarch Butterfly Pilot Project. The Project will provide any Carpentersville resident with a free milkweed or butterfly garden seed packet. For more information or to pick up a seed packet, please contact the Department of Public Works at 847-836-2464.

Butterfly Garden Seed Packet from American Meadows

The Butterfly Garden packet contains a diverse assortment of perennial and annual flowers. The seed packet contains flowers that are known favorites of butterflies.

In addition to attracting butterflies, the colorful flower selection will greatly compliment any garden or outdoor preservation area. The seed packet includes planting instructions on the reverse side.

Photo Courtesy of American Meadows

Butterfly Garden Seed Packet

Milkweed Seed Packet from Prairie Moon Nursery

Monarch Butterflies need very specific locations to breed. The Asclepias tuberosa or “Butterfly Weed” from the Milkweed Seed Packet provides a perfect location for butterflies to plant larvae.

This specific species of milkweed contains vibrant orange flowers that will compliment any garden or outdoor preservation area. Asclepias syriaca, another milkweed plant species, will also be available.

The seed packet will include a separate sheet with planting instructions.

Photo Courtesy of Prairie Moon Nursery

Monarch Butterfly on Butterfly Weed

Why Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies and milkweed (the plant that monarch butterflies use to reproduce) are in serious decline. In fact, the Save Our Monarchs Foundation estimates that the population of monarch butterflies and milkweed plants are down by as much as 80% since 1992.

Monarch butterflies are important to the ecology of Fox Valley region because, like birds and bees, they are important pollinators. The value added to our region's ecology by the monarch butterfly provides for a more vibrant and sustainable agricultural infrastructure.