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Village Passes Ordinance To Regulate Businesses Offering Check-Cashing Services

Carpentersville businesses that offer check-cashing services will now be required to adhere to stringent safety measures as a result of a new Ordinance passed by the Village Board on Tuesday, December 6.
Effective with the passing of the new Ordinance, businesses are now required to have safety and security measures in place due to them holding large amounts of cash on site, which, prior to the Ordinance, made them more vulnerable to armed robberies.

“This Ordinance puts into place safeguards and procedures that, when utilized, will make a business less inviting to someone looking for an easy target to rob,” said Carpentersville Police Chief Michael J. Kilbourne. “This Ordinance does not in itself stop the lawful practice of cashing checks; it simply requires businesses who wish to offer the services to do so in a safe, controlled manner that protects the safety of not only the employees but customers as well.”

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