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Village Snapshot

New to the Village website, we would like to provide our residents with a "Snapshot" of how Village staff is constantly striving to meet and exceed the Village Goals set forth by the Village Board of Trustees for Fiscal Year 2017.  In the chart below you will see a list of Metrics for each department for the previous two months, along with the goal and the actual YTD (year to date) statistic for each of the Metrics. These Metrics will be updated on a monthly basis.

CALENDAR YEAR: 2017 (January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017)


Metric Jan 2017 Feb 2017 YTD Goal
Public Works        
Tons of Asphalt Used        
Street Lights Reparied        
Trees Removed        
Vehicle Maintenance        
Lube, Oil, Filter Performed        
Scheduled Repairs        
Unscheduled Repairs        
Underground Utilities        
Water System Repairs        
Sewer Collection System Repairs        
Linear Feet of Sewer Main Jetted ("Cleaned")        
Stormwater Collection System Repairs        
Water Facilities        
Gallons Pumped (millions)        
Samples Collected        
Meters Installed        
Wastewater Facilities        
Gallons Treated (millions)        
Samples Collected        
Sludge Cake Produced (Cubic Yards)        
Carpenter Park Improvement Project        
2016 MFT Tree Trimming Project        
2016 Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining Project        
Water Treatment Facility Aerator Remodeling Project        
Carpentersville/Algonquin Emergency Water Interconnect Project        
2016 Fall Tree Planting Project        
2016 Crack Sealing Project        
Ground Maintenance Contractual Services Contract        
2016 Public Works In-House Resurfacing Program        
2016 MFT Sidewalk Repair Program - Design        
2016 MFT Sidewalk Repair Program - Const.        
2016 MFT Westside Resurfacing Program - Design        
2016 MFT Westside Resurfacing Program - Const.        
2016 MFT/CDBG Resurface & SW Program - Design        
2016 MFT/CDBG Resurface & SW Program - Const.        
2016 Village funded Resurfacing Project (Keele) - Design        
2016 Village funded Resurfacing Project (Keele) - Const.        
Carpenter Creek Stormwater Improvement Project - Const.        
IL-31/Huntley - Design        
IL-31/Huntley - ROW        
Huntley Road (W. Dundee lead) - Design        
Huntley Road (W. Dundee lead) - ROW        
Washington/Main - Design Study (Awaiting Architectual)        
Silverstone Park Path Improvements - Const.        
Riversview Drive culvert & Roadway - Design        
Main St. culvert & Spring St. culvert - Design        
Community Development        
Building Permits Issued       NA
Building & Engineering Inspections       NA
Fire Department        
Building Fire (fire in dwelling or business)        
Fires - Other        
Rescue / Emergency Medical Calls        
Motor Vehicle Accidents        
Hazardous Conditions        
Service Calls        
Good Intent        
False Alarms        
Weather Related (tornado, flooding, etc.)        
Aid Given        
Average Response Times        
Village - Fire        
Village - EMS        
Overall Average        
Police Department        
Calls for Service       NA
Traffic Citations Issues       NA
DUI Arrests       NA
Traffic Accidents Investigated       NA
Adults Arrested       NA
Juveniles Arrested       NA
Finance Department        
Overall (Genaral Fund / Enterprise Fund) Revenue Summary       NA
Overall (Genaral Fund / Enterprise Fund) Expenditure Summary       NA
Data Last Updated: January 1, 2017        


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