Formation of Department

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1957 Fire Department Employees and VehiclesAfter the appointed trustees began their terms it was time to get started forming the Fire Department.


The proposed budget for the fiscal year ending 1957 was $23,085. Included in that budget was money for a deposit on land owned by the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company. This property was located at Spring Street and Green Street.

Equipment Housing

This was instrumental for the district because the equipment was still housed at the Village. The Village was still responsible for expenses of the district until tax monies were received by the district. The Trustees appointed Earl Schartow as the chief who was also the chief of the Village Volunteer Fire Department at that time.

However, when assuming something as large as a Fire Department, there are many issues to consider. The district decided to rent space from the Village for housing the fire equipment until the stations were built. They also agreed to pay the Village $1,500 for all the various pieces of fire equipment that the Village-owned.

Maps had to be updated and Chief Schartow proposed higher pay for his men. The firemen were paid every six months.

New Engine

Chief Schartow also proposed buying a new engine. In 1958 a bid was awarded to American LaFrance for $21,777.55 to be paid over five years.

New Fire Stations

A bond referendum was to be set for May 10, 1958, for the amount of $100,000 for two new fire stations. However, there is no record as to how this bond was received.

The bond was issued for $102,000 in April of 1959 and work began to accept bids for construction on the stations. Clinton Peters, Sr. was appointed to Treasurer due to the death of Mr. Schroeder.Group of Men with Rescue Boats

Donations & Fundraising

In June of 1959, the part-time firemen donated the boats and trailers to the district. The firemen held fundraisers and spaghetti dinners to raise money for equipment.

On Sunday, April 24, 1960, the dedication of the two new fire stations was held. The VFW donated a flag and ceremonies were held at Station One on Spring Street.

New Equipment

Throughout the leadership of Chief Earl Schartow, many new pieces of equipment were purchased. Every month (according to Trustee minutes) the chief came to the board meetings with requisitions for equipment and ideas to enhance the Fire Department.

Most of the time he was granted these requests. He sent his men to training seminars and classes. In 1959 a Mack fire engine was purchased for $22,212.40.