Construction Maintenance Division 

Divisional Goals & Objectives

  • Operate, maintain, repair, and update the Village’s roadways, utilities, and parks using both in-house Division Staff and Contractual Services.
  • Implement various maintenance programs that identify, prioritize, repair and update each system in a  cost-effective manner while providing the best service possible to the community.


The Construction Maintenance Division has well trained employees and specialized equipment (pickups, dump & trucks, snow & ice control equipment, asphalt paver, rollers, backhoes, sewer jetter, televising truck, and combination vacuum trucks) to complete the maintenance or in-house construction of our Village infrastructure. Responsibilities are divided into these various areas:

  • Snow and ice control of roadways, Village facilities and multi-use paths throughout the Village
  • Roadway milling and resurfacing, gravel shoulder repair, street sweeping, and refuse collection at Village parks and facilities 
  • Maintenance and repair of the water distribution system, sanitary sewer system, storm sewer system as well as catch basin cleaning  
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response for all Village Infrastructure issues
  • Complete J.U.L.I.E. Utility locating prior to all excavating 
  • Complete minor concrete or asphalt roadway patching, sidewalk, curb & gutter and parkway restoration and utility repairs
  • Complete the maintenance, fabrication, and installation of Village signage for roadways, parks and facilities  
  • Perform and/or assist with setup, take down, and clean up at Village Special Events 
  • Preform park maintenance and tree trimming or removal  
  • Training for Division personnel 
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance for entire Village fleet