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Year-Round Carpentersville Photo Submissions

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  3. Note: Your parent or guardian will be required to sign and submit this form on your behalf if you are under the age of 18.
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  5. Terms and Conditions
    • You represent that you own all copyrights in the photograph.
    • The photograph must not contain obscenity, explicit sexual material, nudity, profanity, graphic violence, calls or incitement to violence, commercial solicitation or commercial promotion. Submissions also must not contain content or images that could be considered abusive, inflammatory, denigrating, or disrespectful to the Village of Carpentersville, or to groups, individuals or institutions.
    • You acknowledge that the Village may, at its sole discretion, publish or otherwise use any photograph or any portion thereof, submitted by you. Such publication or other use may occur on television, in books, in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, and/or in or on any other medium of communication now or hereafter devised, and may be used for advertising, promotion, the use of trade, and/or other commercial purposes. By submitting a photograph, you (and any other individual depicted in a photograph) consent to such publication or any other use.
    • As a condition of submitting your photograph, you (and any other individual depicted in a photograph) unconditionally and irrevocably waive all claims to compensation for use of the photograph, and/or any rights with respect to such use you may have under copyright law, the right to publicity, the right to privacy, the law of defamation, and any other common law or statutory claims under the laws of any jurisdiction.
    • You represent that you have been given the authority by each individual depicted or represented in a photograph to bind such individual to these release terms.
    • Your submission of the photo is made with the understanding that the Village shall deem whether the photo is suitable in their sole and final discretion and judgment, and are under no obligation to you whatsoever if the Village does not review or does not desire to use the photo.
    • You agree that the Village shall not have any obligation to return the copy of the photo submitted and shall be under no obligation for any loss or damage to the submitted photo.
    • You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Village of Carpentersville, the Village directors, officials, officers, employees, service providers, contractors, agents and authorized representatives from any claim, loss, obligation, liability or expense that may be asserted against or incurred by the Village of Carpentersville in connection with the Photo submitted hereunder, any uses of such Photo by the Village or any breach of any representation or warranty made by you.
    • You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a photo.
       (All submitted photos must abide by the above terms and conditions. Do not submit your photo if you do not agree to the above terms and conditions.)
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