Current Design Projects 

High Capacity Inlet Installation Project

The design is underway to install back of curb high capacity inlets at various locations throughout the east portion of the Village. These locations have existing storm sewer and existing smaller storm inlets. the existing inlets do not have the capacity to collect the water during heavier rain events.  Design is almost complete and will be out for construction late summer early fall of 2020.  

Bolz Road Reconstruction Project 

The Village was awarded $1,312,500 in federal Surface Transportation Program funds with a grant through the Kane Kendall Council of Mayors. These funds will cover approximately 80% of the construction costs.  

Roadway improvements would be on Bolz Road from 110 feet west of Amarillo Drive to IL-25. The Final design is currently being completed. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2021. This is dependent on the start of the Kane County Division of Transpiration’s Long Meadow Parkway improvements directly north and parallel to the Bolz Road project. Work will consist of removing the existing concrete pavement and replacing with a new hot mix asphalt section, new curb & gutter and driveway aprons, ADA and pedestrian upgrades, minor storm sewer improvements, pavement markings and restoration.

Bolz Road Project Map

Kings Road and Alameda Drive Drainage Improvements

The Village completed a drainage study for storm sewer and drainage improvements for areas along Kings Road and Alameda Drive. The final design is currently being completed. Funding for construction will be recommended and considered for FY 2021.  Work will consist replacing the existing culverts on Kings Road and Alameda Drive, stream bank stabilization, new storm sewer and high capacity inlets, roadway improvements, and restoration.

Kings and Alameda Project Map

Kings and Alameda Drainage Study

Wakefield Drive Drainage Study 

The Village completed a drainage study for an area within Golf View Lane to the west, Marlboro Circle to the north, Village limits to the east and IL-68 to the south. The Final design is currently being completed. Construction is anticipated to begin fall 2020.  Work will consist replacing installing new storm sewer and high capacity inlets, creating storm water detention, roadway improvements, and restoration.

Wakefield Area Study Map

Wakefield Area Drainage Study Presentation

Old Town Area 1-A Improvement Project 

In 2017, the Village contracted with HR Green, Inc. to complete a master plan developing options for roadway and utility improvements and anticipated costs that could be used for budget purposes.

The Village has contracted with HR Green, Inc. to start the final design for an area of Old Town identified as Area 1-A in the master plan. This area was chosen as it is the most downstream portion of the drainage area in the master plan area. Proposed storm sewers would be built to serve Area 1-A and other upstream areas identified in the master plan. The final design for Area 1-A is underway. Work will consist of designing a new curb and gutter roadway with sidewalk,  new storm sewer, replacing and up-sizing water mains, sanitary rehabilitation, street lighting, and restoration.  

Old Town Phase 2 Improvement Map

Old Town Phase 2 Master Plan Presentation