Home Inspections


Every 66 seconds a fire department responds to a residential fire somewhere in the United States. Most of these fires occur at night while the entire family is sleeping. Each year residential fires account for one death every 118 minutes and one serious injury every 18 minutes.

In Illinois, children under the age of five account for 20% of all residential fire deaths. Will your family be the next statistic?


According to the Fire Chief, Hazards which are the cause of many residential fires can be eliminated through a simple process known as a Home Fire Safety Inspection.

Free Safety Inspections

The Carpentersville Fire Department offers free Home Fire Safety Inspections for owners or occupants of any residential home or apartment in Carpentersville.


During a Home Fire Safety Inspection, a member of the Fire Department will walk through your home specifically looking for fire hazards. Once a fire hazard has been discovered, the inspector will explain the potential for fire and suggest ways to correct.

The inspector will also suggest locations for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, discuss the types and uses of fire extinguishers, and help your family develop a workable home fire escape plan.

According to the Fire Chief, This program is without citations, fines or enforcement of any kind. This is purely a public education program provided for residents of Carpentersville.

Detector Installation Assistance

As an incentive, the Carpentersville Fire Department offers free help in installing detectors for those residents unable to do so themselves.


For more information, contact the Fire Department at 847-426-2131.