NARCAN Information


The Village of Carpentersville is proud to announce our partnership with Kane County to address the increasing opioid overdose epidemic. As part of our efforts, we are providing information and safe methods of medication and sharps disposal to our residents. We are also committed to supporting our community in addressing this crisis.

Currently, all three Carpentersville Fire Stations have NARCAN available inside the public entrance vestibules of each fire station. These life-saving medications are stored in an unlocked glass cabinet for easy access in case of an emergency. Our partnership with Kane County will further enhance our efforts to combat the opioid epidemic and provide necessary resources to our residents.

We encourage all residents to take advantage of the safe medication disposal methods available in our community. With the help of our partnership with Kane County, we can work together to prevent opioid overdoses and keep our community safe.

For more information, visit our informational guide here

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