Notary Services

Notary Guidelines

The Village of Carpentersville offers Notary Services, free of charge, to Carpentersville residents and business owners ONLY for documents pertaining to Village business in accordance with the following guidelines: 

  • Notary Services are available during regular Village Hall business hours and subject to the availability of a Notary Public within the Administration, Police, and Fire Rescue Departments. 
  • Individuals must present valid photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include State Issued Driver's License or ID, Non-Driver's ID, US Passport, and US Military ID. 
  • Documents must: 
        1. Be signed in person before the Notary to certify the signature. 
        2. Include text committing the signer in some way. 
        3. Include a notary "certificate,” which may appear on the document itself or on an attachment. Example below:
Example of Notary Certificate

*Notaries can refuse to notarize documents when the notary certification can be detached from the document. *