Planning & Zoning

Planning and zoning functions are directly related and pertain to the review and analysis of potential development. Whether you need a variance, a rezoning, or are considering annexing or developing property within the Village of Carpentersville, the Planning and Zoning personnel will guide you through the process.

Planning and Zoning personnel of the Village of Carpentersville focus on current and future land uses, their locations within the Village, and the administration of the Village Zoning Ordinance and the applicable zoning district regulations.

Application Review

Planning and Zoning personnel also review applications relating to new developments and businesses such as:

  • Annexations
  • Code Appeals
  • Concept Plans
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Preliminary and Final Plats of Subdivisions
  • Special Use Permits
  • Variances
  • Zoning Map Amendments/Rezoning requests

These personnel focus on site plan review for compliance with Village Ordinances and Development Standards and providing the Village Staff recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Village Board on these applications.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted in January 2007 and sets forth long-range recommendations for the future growth and development within the community and for the maintenance of and enhancement to the existing image and character of the Village. The plan was amended in June 2009 to include the Longmeadow Parkway Corridor Study.


Planning and Zoning staff also review patios, decks, garages, swimming pools and other similar such permits to ensure compliance with the Zoning Ordinance and the applicable zoning district regulations, such as setbacks and lot coverage.